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Making your own Stencils from Photos

How To: Stencil Graffiti Art 101Awesome video clips here

All these links were screened and found acceptable for middle school students, however since most of them go to outside blogs or websites there might be other material that is not acceptable. Please notify me if the link is broken or the content is no longer school appropriate.

All About Paint

Before the paint center opens we learn about the nature of paint. Pigment: A coloring material made of crushed Minerals and Plants or chemicals, usually held together with a binder. Binder: A material used to hold Pigments together in paint. … read more

The Paint Center: 2007

The Paint Center contains a variety of paint and painting materials that students can use to both create 2-D artwork and to finish their 3-D creations with color and style. Before the paint center is opened we have a class lesson about … read more