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Sculpt Around The Room Game

34739071 copyThe next in my series of “around the room” games is sculpture. The goal is to expose my students to a vast array of sculpture related vocabulary, materials and techniques in the shortest amount of time.

I created 5 different sculpture project mini-centers. Three of the mini centers were individual projects and two of them were collaborative group projects. Any of these could be a great little standalone project for a traditional classroom or a demo/challenge activity for a full or modified TAB Choice Classroom. They are all actually ideas I ran across on Pinterest, so none of them were super original. Each center had slightly different supplies and different attachment tools and materials available.

The kids self-selected a group of 4-5 to work with for the unit and traveled from table to table to complete one project at each table. Each team had a group shoe box for storing their projects until the gallery walk on the last day.

The unit ran longer than I had planned, since kids needed and wanted a full 55 minute period to do each center. You can tell which centers were most popular by which projects students selected for their artsonia upload.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the unit!

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