A View through my Window

December 2008 Assignment

This week in class, Students learned about artists that have painted and created artwork that shows a view out a window. They must now create a work of art fitting this theme that has the following aspects:

  1. Shows the inside of the room
  2. Shows a window
  3. Shows a scene outside the window
  4. Most importantly TELLS A STORY or communicates the idea of an event happening

For homework over the weekend, they must look out a window in their house and do a few sketches that will help them plan their project. They can use any drawing (colored pencils, markers, pastels), collage, computer or paint media.

Watch the aviewthrumywindow Slide Show (Special thanks to Asha Jones for the slide show)

This theme is a “Call for Entries” on Art Education 2.0

This assignment is DUE final draft with reflection Friday Dec 19th.

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