All About Paint

Before the paint center opens we learn about the nature of paint.

Pigment: A coloring material made of crushed Minerals and Plants or chemicals, usually held together with a binder.
Binder: A material used to hold Pigments together in paint. (like gum, oil)
Solvent: A liquid used to control the thickness or thinness of a paint.
Oil-Based Paint: Paint made from a mixture of colored Pigment and linseed oil (binder), which dries very slowly.
Water-Based Paint: Paint, such as tempera, acrylic, or water-color, made from a mixture of colored pigment and water (gum) or other binders, which dries quickly.
Opaque: the quality of light passing through, so you can not see through the paper. (opposite of transparent)
Transparent: the quality of light passing through, so you CAN see through the paper.
Palette: a flat board on which a painter mixes and holds paint.

See the Movie presentation here. Paint

I created this movie in Photostory with images, music and my own narration. The kids always find it amazing that it is my voice narrating, once they see the credits.

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