About Andy Warhol

We watched a slide show about Andy Warhol

 Important Points:

Andy moved to America from Eastern Europe to live in a town with lots of factories.

He got sick at age 8 and spent time drawing and collecting movie star photos

He had many influences on his art including:

  • Moving from Eastern Europe
  • Living near the factories
  • Collecting movie star photos
  • Getting a camera when he was 8 years old
  • His very religious family
  • His parents died when he was young

After attending art school for elementary, high school and college he moved to New York City and worked as an Illustrator for 10 years.

He invented a “blotted Line” technique and he known as the Father of Pop Art.

He died in 1987 at age 59.

warhol Click to see the slide show.

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