Animals in Art

In the first week of January we learned about Animals in Art. Using our textbook, a slideshow of examples and class discussion we prepared ourselves to create some animal art.

  • We learned how artists have been using animals as subjects since the early cave paintings.
  • We discussed how artists can show MOOD in a piece of art. Some of the examples included humor, anticipation, dreamy, playful and sad.
  • We learned how artists will use EMPHASIS in a painting to make one part more important than other parts. They can use LINE, COLOR or SHAPE to draw your eye to the important part.
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  1. Marilyn Day says:

    I am in a bloggin class this very moment and learning how to begin. I currently am teaching in Colorado at the elementary school level…of course in ART! GREAT site!

    where are you all? I taught in the past at a Middle School. I taught digital media, so basically Adobe photoshop and webdesign….

    as I am learning more about how kids can use the internet I would LOVE to have my students blogging with other younger art students..

    Your page is the first that I have found that truely has been helpful!

    can’t wait to hear from you!

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