Art Teachers Using Technology

Kris Fontes and Tricia Fuglestad are 2 teachers that I have admired for quite some time. I was excited to see these videos that Craig Roland of Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet made and learn a little bit more about how they use technology in their art classrooms! I hope there are more of these video portraits to come!

Here Craig talks about his visit with Kris. Kris has been working with grade six through high school in the digital art realms of animation and graphic design. I was able to catch her presentation on Lego animation at the NAEA coference in NYC a few years ago. I still show her student work to my students to inspire them in their animations and computer creations.
Kris Fontes, Art and Graphic Design Teacher from Craig Roland on Vimeo.

Here Craig talks about his visit to Tricia’s classroom. Tricia teaches elementary grades and makes fun movies that teach concepts to her kids. Her classroom is fun and colorful and it is obvious that her kids love creating art with her. Tricia has inspired me to make videos to introduce new concepts and skills. Although mine are not fun animations with talking fingers, the kids really seem to pay attention and grasp the concepts better in this format.

Art at Dryden Elementary School from Craig Roland on Vimeo.

This looks like a great series and I can’t wait to see more!

These teachers are constantly in the news and the latest issue of Education Week’s Digital Directions features them in an article about student movie makers.

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    Thanks so much for this posting! I’m very flattered:) May I link to this?

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