End of the Year Podcast

Reading Podcast

My reading class put together an end of the year podcast with poems, stories, jokes and more.

  • Cecil: A book review of The Outsiders
  • Dominic: Football Facts
  • Kristina: The Pet Store: A poem read by Kristina; written by…
  • Baneen: Blue Diamond: A Poem written by Baneen
  • Jonnita: Jokes
  • Sara: Top Ten List
  • Suzy: Poetry
  • Alexa: A unique Story with no name
  • Chelsea: Houston and Everett: Compare and Contrast
  • Josh: Locked in the Basement: A Radio Play
  • Tommy: The Outsiders Movie and Book: Compare and Contrast
  • Eon: Tips for a Sixth Grader
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  1. drew johnson says:

    it was well put together and funny but deperesing

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