First Day

I  am not good at selfies. But here I am today before the kids came. I know I look a little frightened, but I am not.

imageFor us, the first 2 days are a long (and often painful) time “training” all our kids to live and learn the “North Way.” All the kids stay with their homeroom class for the full 2 days. They don’t go to their other classes, we review school rules and do some community building activities. I really try to make it as interactive and creative as possible. We tried to do skits and other discussions. We made fun name crowns/hats and played ice breaker bingo. But it was long, long day. ¬†Tomorrow will be more of the same. Friday, I will finally get to see my art classes. Where I will then have to establish more rules.. But we will also do a fun art scavenger hunt!



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