Help Us Get A 3-D Printer!

3-D Printing for STEM Robotics and Art by Christine Phippard

“3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. The next industrial revolution in manufacturing will happen in America.” -President Obama.

A 3-D printer will help my students experience the real-world applications of their S.T.E.M. and Art lessons.

My students are a fantastic group of hardworking 6th ,7th, and 8th graders who live in the inner city in a high poverty area. At our school about 65% of students qualified for free and reduced lunch. My students come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of the world. Many of my students struggle with academics and need more concrete and visual styles of teaching. This project targets students in our robotics and digital arts elective classes and clubs. These students have chosen to spend part of their day learning to develop and use technology. They work extremely hard to be self-directed learners.

Our robotics students attended our district technology expo to present their work, and while there they saw a 3-D printer. They returned from that experience clamoring for a chance to work with the same technology.

They proposed partnering with our art students. My robotics students would help run the 3-D printer, and help program it. The art students would help design the items we were printing.

They came to me with this idea and let me know that they thought it would increase their creativity and the technology skills of all involved students. They showed me the MakerBot and online resources to show me the amazing possibilities that they could plan and create. The only thing my students needed from me for this project was a way to get a 3-D printer for our school!

MakerBot Academy is a 3-D Printing system and the supports needed to use this technology successfully in a school. It includes everything we need to start working with 3-D printing technology.

Your donations will help our school become a place where students can see their ideas and designs become real physical objects. My students will learn design principles, industrial engineering skills, and the confidence they need to pursue future careers in S.T.E.M. fields.

Please help the students of my school go from being consumers of technology to becoming the dreamers, designers, and creators!


We have 41 days left to raise the money for this! We have $900 in matching funded committed by out PTA… We just need to build up to that point first! We also are very close to getting $1000 from, I have 10 out of the 15 kids done with the challenges. Once we get to 15 we will get that money. We just need a little extra boost to get us the rest of the way, so even $10 can help out!¬†Will you help out?


What kind of NEW technologies do you use in your art room?

Anyone else out there using 3-D printing in middle school yet?


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