Making Masks

Today we watched a video about masks. The quiz will include questions from this presentation. Class notes and video are below.

Why to people make and wear masks? 

  • To disguise your face: hide identity
  • For protection: sports masks
  • As objects of art: to sell and give as gifts
  • For rituals and ceremonies: death
  • For holidays, celebrations and festivals
  • Theater: to exaggerate emotions and amplify your voice.

Name some cultures that use masks for ceremonies. NW Indians, Africa, China, America, Australia, Siberia, Japan, Inuit, Greece, Europe, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico

For what types of ceremonies and holidays might you wear a Mask ? Halloween, mardi gras, death of a person, Scaring and Talk to gods and spirits, day of the dead, Shamans: Healing, weather, crops, hunting, Adulthood rituals, Given as gifts

With what types of art media (supplies) can you make a mask? Wood, paper, metal, plastic, stone, clay, Plaster, leather, feathers, Paper mache, cardboard, plaster,
Cloth, corn husks, hair

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