Photo Scavenger Hunt (spring)


First: Take creative and quality pictures of the following items:

  1. CLOSE-up of Yellow flower pollen
  2. CLOSE-up of a 3 leaf clover
  3. CLOSE-up of a bug
  4. Colorful SKY
  5. 3 colors in a plant/tree
  6. the color orange
  7. someone in motion (jump, run, riding a bike etc)
  8. BONUS (from home) neighborhood or family pet

Then: Resize, enhance, crop rename and resave all your good photos and delete the bad ones.

Finally: put them together in a photo collage using photoshop. Include one of each scavenger hunt item and a title using text. Save it as a JPEG before turning in.

Turn into MOODLE with the proper naming sequence! ex: y8t3p1SH_sam.jpg

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