Play It By Ear Two Day Summer Workshop

Day Two…

Today we will be planning our “final project”

ArTechTivity (TM) Pod Zero


This is Podcast ZERO of ArTechTivity (TM) why zero? Because this is my teacher made sample of what I plan to create with my students next year

Also Today we are sharing our storybooks and learning more about podcasts in general. We are searching through eudcational podcasts to hear what others are doing out there with the medium.

Here are some of my STUDENT MADE favorites:

  • Gigapeas in a Gigapod: ACS Student Podcast – A Podcast created by the middle school students of Academy Charter School in Castle Rock, CO
  • Middle School Art Teacher Podcast: An educational podcast with a mix of lesson sharing, Tales From the Classroom, problem solving, news and more. Your host, Brian Rhea, teaches in Carrollton and lives in Coppell, Texas.
  • My Trivia Podcast: A Trivia Podcast of ten questions and answers, of material that is easiliy verifiable. Occasional audio questions, and totally random. This podcast is short, with a duration of generally less than eight minutes.
  • WJJL Radio is a monthly radio show published by our 6th graders. Each new show has a different host who introduces the segments.  The class came up with the tagline, “Where education meets utilization,” to be our overall theme of our shows.  Each month the students volunteer to try out for the show. Shows are recorded in the classroom using a microphone attached to the computer.  They use a planning sheet to brainstorm their ideas as a group as well as to help refine and edit their final product.

Here are some of my teacher/educator MADE favorites:

  • Academic Aesthetic:The philosophical musings and goings on of a technology loving Art teacher.
  • Digital Photography Tips from the Top Floor:Short and sweet – with non-techy tips that you can put to use immediately. Covers everything from image composition to post processing. No matter if you use a digital point-and-shoot or an expensive digital SLR. With a good sense of humour, Chris Marquardt manages to convey tips for the beginner as well as the professional photographer.

Here are the ones my “Play it BY Ear” classmates found that they liked:

  • Information Station: Branson Elementary Library Media Center
  • DreamExtreme:DreamExtreme is produced by the students of Mr. Cosand’s 6th grade class at Kennedy Elementary School in Medford, Oregon
  • TechTipTuesday:TTT presents weekly computer tips that will help you and your computer(s) remain friends for life!
  • Pterodacyl Lounge:Original music done by students of Skowhegan Regional Vocational Center, the Marti Stevens Learning Center, and thier Interactive Media Instructor Paul LeBrun


Day One….

Play it by Ear: Complete Storybook Project

Summer Professional Development class on Podcasting and using Audacity.

The Next Project is a group project. A picture book was copied and pages divided among a five person group. Each person read (with FLUENCY) their pages, pausing for sound effect and page turns. Then spent time adding sound effect, background music and page turns. These were each saved and then combined to complete the entire story.  This is a fun fast way to complete a larger project. It sure will be intertesting to see how the complete project sounds.

Complete Storybook Project

Storybook project (my segment)


Play it by Ear: Interview Assignment

Here is our first project. The idea is one person recorded the questions and a second person recorded answers (separately) then each person swapped and combined to end up with several unique radio shows.

Here is my first sample: My Questions with John’s Answers

Here is another sample: Alan’s Questions with my Answers

Here is another sample: Group Interview

Here is another sample: German Interview

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