Public Service Announcments

Our 8th grade video students worked in partners to research and create a public service announcment on an important social topic. Pictures from Morgue Files and E-Library were used and Music from our KidCast Radio CD were used to put this together.

Anti-Animal Cruelty PSA by Anna, Emily and Holli

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Anti-Dog Fighting PSA by Kevin and Matt

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Anti-Eating Disorders by Liz and Olivia

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Anti-Animal Abuse by Heather and Tynikki

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2 Responses to Public Service Announcments

  1. Shelley Barbano, HRA says:

    I could only watch the first PSA, Emily, Anna and Holly’s, because it made me cry! But they did a great job. When I get brave, I’ll try the other ones out.

    Be happy. Be healthy. Be Safe
    Shelley Barbano, HRA

  2. Eddie Golden says:

    I am very impressed at what was developed and learned by our students. They did a great job and I am very proud of their talents.
    ALL OF YOU-ROCK!!!!!
    Resource Officer
    Eddie Golden

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