Sculpture Center


This center is SO crazy! So many supplies, so much mess and so much engagement with so many kids! Students get a whirlwind introduction to sculpture with my intro unit. I developed the unit this year because of the success of my other intro units.


I think 60% of the materials in this center are donations! The biggest investments are the tape and glue. This year I added a tool peg board. This still needs some adjusting too. I used to be really uptight about the neatness of this area too… But I have let it go! They can still create and when it gets too bad, I have a mini shut down and make kids clean it up.


Last year I added the tool peg board. I am not a huge fan of it, because the hooks fall out too often. I think this year I am going to glue on the hooks to keep them from falling out. I also added a small table near by that has electrical outlets for glue gun access.

I have one of those old wooden paper sorting shelves. The plastic “shoe” sized boxes fit perfectly into these units. I label the boxes clearly for all the smaller sized sculpture items on both ends and restock as needed. The other shelve is a big book shelf that fits milk carton sized bins of larger materials. Still trying to find the best way to organize and label this area.


This center is on its own table and only fits about 5 kids. If there are too many kids, I will either make a waiting list or expand to the nearby table as needed. There are no plug-ins nearby, so the hot glue gun is in the nearby paint center. I have never liked it there and want to figure out a better system, but haven’t figured that out yet.

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