All About Sculpture

Definition:  Sculpture is any art that is 3-DIMENSIONAL using a technique of adding or taking away from a 3-D form. 

A sculpture (medium) can be made from:

  • EARTH: clay, wood, sticks, marble, stone, dirt, rocks, sand, snow, ice, bone, cement, concrete
  • FIBER: paper, Paper-Mache, fabric, yarn, origami, hair, thread, leather, cardboard
  • METAL: copper, bronze, silver, gold, iron, aluminum, foil, steel, platinum, wire, tin
  • GLASS: stained glass, vases, tiles
  • Plastics: fiberglass, tape, glue, foam, Styrofoam, rubber, Wax
  • FOOD: candy, gum, chocolate, fruit, butter
  • Recycled stuff: machine parts, rubber, cans/tin, plastic bottles

What techniques do sculpture artists use? 

  1. Carving: taking stuff away to get the art (Relief)
  2. Casting: making a mold to get the art
  3. Assembling: putting stuff together to get the art
  4. Modeling: shaping and adding clay together to get the art

 The Power Point of Images for the Sculpture Lesson

A fill-in-the-blank SculptureWS Worksheet (I mostly use this for my SPED and ELL kids)

See the Sculpture Center for more about sculpture.

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