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What the Students say about Choices!

Today, at the end of each period, I asked my students what they thought of the unit so far. I told them how I am sharing this project with other teachers and that you all would love to hear what they … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol & Pop Art Class Notes

In 6th and 7th grade art we will be learning about Andy Warhol and Pop Art. These are the notes you will need to have for the quiz! Pop Art Definition: Produced images USING everyday objects, popular people and mass-media symbols … Continue reading

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Arcimboldo Inspired Food Man

6027 Using Photoshop Elements create at least one creative and complete Arcimboldo Inspired Food Man. Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593) was born in Milan, Italy. He created abstract portraits of people and ideas made from everyday objects. One of his best-known series portrayed … Continue reading

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Cubism Lesson Notes

Vocabulary: Cubism: A style of Abstract art where the image is separated into cubes and other geometric shapes. Created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in Paris in the early 20th century. Inspired by African Folk Art Analytic Cubism: The … Continue reading

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Self-Portrait Lesson

Definition: A portrait an artist makes using himself or herself as its subject, typically drawn or painted from a reflection in a mirror. Many self-portrait artists painted pictures of themselves working on their art or in groups of friends. Often … Continue reading

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