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New Themes

While I am still reading reflections and grading final artworks from the Studio Choice Challenge, it is time to move on to something else. I need to go back to tweak how the points work and how often to have … Continue reading

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Student Reflections

My favorite part of this artwork was i had fun making it and my least favorite part was moving all the textures into place because it was repetitive. I learned that a lot of of the best things are made … Continue reading

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All About Sculpture

Definition: ¬†Sculpture is any art that is 3-DIMENSIONAL using a technique of adding or taking away from a 3-D form.¬† A sculpture (medium) can be made from: EARTH: clay, wood, sticks, marble, stone, dirt, rocks, sand, snow, ice, bone, cement, … Continue reading

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Clay: Pottery In Middle School

Before students are able to begin the clay projects we go through a great deal of rules, methods and procedures. Doing clay in your middle school classroom can be a wonderful joy or a logistical and managerial nightmare. To insure … Continue reading

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TAB Update: 2004-2005

My first year at my new school teaching full-time art. My classes are mixed grades 6th, 7th and 8th. I provided a structured guide through the basic elements of art and some basic pottery. Towards the end of the year … Continue reading

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