Learn about Tesselations

Today we saw a video about tessellations. Today’s notes include:

Links to learn more include:

1.                Tessellation: A pattern of shapes that fits together in a way that leaves no space in between, as in the works of MC Escher. Tessellations have a mathematical connection. 

2.                Geometric Shapes: Shapes that are precise and mathematical. List some Geometrical shapes: Circles, squares, triangles, ovals and rectangles. 

3.                Abstract: A style of art that is NOT realistic. Abstract art usually contains geometric shapes, bold colors and lines.  

4.                Pattern: Repeated colors, lines, shapes, forms or textures in an artwork. Pattern is a principle of design.  

5.                Symmetry:  Balance created by making both sides of an artwork look the same or almost the same. Also known as formal balance. 

6.                When, where and by Whom was tessellation style art invented?  Early 1900’s;
Netherlands; Mc Escher 

7.                What art media was most often used by MC Escher to create tessellation style art? Printmaking, pencil, paint

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