The Digital Art Center: 2007

I am so lucky to have great technology in my district. We have nice LABS, teacher presentation centers, math and science teacher have portable laptop labs and all block teachers get 6 great computers in their room. However, art teachers are low-pri so I have a hobbled together some older computers including two of my own for a total of 6 student computers. I have managed this by being friends with the district technology people, joining technology committees and being a teacher leader when it comes to technology, along with my supportive admin.

In 2007, I was a recipient of an OSPI EETT Technology and Peer Coaching Grant. This allowed me to buy additional digital cameras, headphones, microphones, software, video cameras. thumb drives and CD for saving media. The training provided me with tools to work closely with 3 other teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms as well.

My PC lab includes

I also use MOODLE online classrooms to provide a number of online art games and activities.

TAB Suggestions for the Digital Center

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