The Olympic Artist Trading Card Exchange

The Olympic Artist Trading Card Exchange

With the 2008 Olympics being held this coming summer in Beijing China, teachers and students are invited to participate in the Olympic ATC Exchange, an international exchange of artist trading cards created to celebrate the “Olympic spirit.”

What are ATCS? Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are miniature works of art that are traded between artists. They can be about anything and made with any media, materials, or techniques. The rules for ATCs are simple: (1) they must measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches (64 X 89 mm); (2) be flat enough to fit into a plastic trading card sleeve, and (3) be signed and dated on the back of the card with the city and country of origin. To learn more about ATCs, visit ATCs in the Classroom.

I. Theme and Content
The theme of the exchange is “The Olympic Spirit,” which describes 5 traits—Friendship, Honor, Peace, Glory, and Fair Play. See the Olympic Spirit website for inspiration. Each ATC made for the exchange should express or represent one of these five traits.

II. Age Groups
The exchange will include an elementary category (ages 6-12) and a secondary category (ages 13-17). Students’ cards submitted to one of these categories will receive cards created by students in the same Calgary.

III. Media
Any media can be used to make ATCs including drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, digital media, photography, and so on. Limited only by the teacher’s and students’ imaginations.

IV. Dates of Participation
All ATCs should be mailed by January 18, 2008. Students will receive their exchange cards in February or March of 2008, depending on the distance and location of participating schools.

V. Gallery Deck
Upon the completion of this project, we will be selecting 52 cards from various schools to form a “Gallery Deck,” that will showcase the variety of ideas and media that have been used for the project. The deck itself will become a traveling exhibit, stopping at different schools and events across the world. There will also be replica decks made for purchase, the proceeds of which will go entirely towards the purchase of art supplies for schools in China.

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