WAEA 2010: Choices for Middle School Students

TWC_930 040My Presentation at WAEA 2010- Seattle/ Tacoma

Choices for Middle School Students: Teaching for Artistic Behavior™ (TAB) is a nationally recognized choice-based approach to teaching art. TAB education regards students as artists and offers them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests. TAB Choice supports multiple modes of learning and assessment for diverse needs. Within this pedagogy there is a continuum of choice; teachers might work from the level of full student choice or from a modified level that allows students to work towards theme related challenges. Watch interest go up and discipline issues go down as students self-direct their learning. Ms. Cynthia Gaub (2009 WAEA M.S. Teacher of the Year) has been providing a modified choice studio for 6 years. This session will cover basic studio set-up, ideas for demos and lessons, grading/assessment and meeting state standards, as well as how to manage the many different projects that occur in a studio setting.


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