ArTechTivity (TM) Podcast ZERO

ArTechTivity (TM) Pod Zero


This is Podcast ZERO of ArTechTivity (TM) why zero? Because this is my teacher made sample of what I plan to create with my students next year.

This episode contains 4 segments:

  • First our Theme song as created by Cynthia Gaub,
  • Next Art Careers: How to become an Art Teacher,
  • Then a funny Art Joke,
  • Here’s Looking At Me: How Artists See Themselves (Bob Raczka’s Art Adventures)
  • and finally Responding to Art: Kids look at a piece of art and share their thoughts and reactions to the work.

The Art of Painting

Jan Vermeer: The Art of Painting

the Kick 

Andy Warhol: The Kick

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6 comments on “ArTechTivity (TM) Podcast ZERO

  1. i really liked the music and the theme song and the stuff that you said about the art carreers and how to be a great artist.