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Demo Inspired

Most of my 7th graders are working “full choice” this week… while a few others catch up on our THEMED modified choice projects. This week the demos have been oil pastel focused, since a lot of kids want to work with them, but haven’t been happy with their “messy” results.

We watched and did this activity in our sketchbook.  https://youtu.be/jm6wo-8rJD0  Then we also watched this one https://youtu.be/0OWNTRUazEA The kids were inspired and quite a few made finished works of art. Others moved on to their own thing after trying out the demo.

TAB Demo List

As I begin to think about making videos of my different demos… I decided to make a list and that list kept getting bigger and bigger…. But I will share as I go along. These are all the things that … read more

All About Paint

Before the paint center opens we learn about the nature of paint. Pigment: A coloring material made of crushed Minerals and Plants or chemicals, usually held together with a binder. Binder: A material used to hold Pigments together in paint. … read more