2011-2012 Themes

I have already been thinking about themes for next year, especially after the NAEA conference.

  • “Celebrate Diversity” the PTA theme of course.
  • Teacher Portraits:  The teacher portraits with the 7th graders went SO well this year I am going to make it an annual project with the 7th graders.
  • Perspective City Street Drawing: This is our state’s required art assessment for all 8th graders.  So I will once again be required to do this item, but adding as much versatility to it as possible.
  • Shoe Art: This was inspired by one of the NAEA Sessions and I am looking forward to adapting it to the CHOICE classroom.
  • Urban Art: I am still working on how to do this theme, but looking at including things like graffiti, tattoos, skateboards, duct tape clothing, architecture models of city skyscrapers, stencil art maybe some advertising related logo work.