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Lesson Plans

This post is a bit of a confessional…

For 15+ years I have been operating without the added task and pressure of submitting weekly lesson plans to admin. But this year they have decided to implement a district-wide lesson plan format and requirements.

My previous planning has been substantial. I am a planner. I am an organizer. And I love technology, planners and forms. In fact, if you ask me to design a form, you will set my heart on fire. But if you ask me for unnecessary paperwork, and give me a clunky form to do it on…. I will get a little passive aggressive!  I will redesign your lame forms and  I will bury you in paperwork!

Luckily I do have a great relationship with my building admin. So I could joke with her about redesigning her form. We also negotiated that the power points that I make for each unit and my weekly calendar satisfy the intended purpose of the lesson plan form. The purpose of which is to ensure that teachers are doing backward planning, preparing engaging activities that will successfully lead students to the desired learning outcomes. But since I fixed their form, and I know that a lot of other teachers out there in TAB art world struggle with their required lesson plans, I thought I would go ahead and do them for all of my current around the room units.

Resources available in my store soon!