2021 Award

I am so honored and humbled to receive the 2021 Washington Art Education Association Art Teacher of the Year.

See official “press release” from my school district below.

Cynthia Gaub From North Middle School In Everett Named Art Educator Of The Year

October 11, 2021

Each year the Washington Art Education Association (WAEA) looks to honor outstanding art educators and art supporters in our state. This year, Cynthia Gaub was named the Washington State Art Educator of the Year for her contributions to educating, advocating for and participating in Visual Art Education. Educators receiving this award have an extensive history of highly accomplished teaching. Cynthia’s contributions include being copresident and mentor to other leaders in the state association from 2016-2020. She also held a leadership role for Choice-Art
Educators sub-group of the National Association from 2018-2020.

Since 2004, Gaub has taught Exploratory Arts, Digital Art and Computer Technology for the Everett School District at North Middle School. Students in Visual Arts explore a variety of mediums in the Teaching for Artistic Behavior Classroom by accessing studios and meeting challenges based on themes and genres.

Cynthia honored at the board meeting.

Sharing her knowledge with other educators has been a focus since 2006 when she presented at the Washington State Art Educators Art Conference with a workshop of Digital Art Projects using Photoshop. She went on to present the same at the National Conference in New York City in 2007. Since then, she has continued to present locally and nationally, including being a keynote speaker at the 2018 TAB Colorado Conference. She has presented virtually for The Art of Education and other state and national virtual workshops. Ms. Gaub also writes and receives grants for her classroom on the district and state level.

Heather Paddock, principal at North Middle School, said “Ms. Gaub is a dedicated educator of the arts and always finds ways to bring out the most creative side in her students. We are privileged to have Mrs. Gaub share her talents with students and staff at North Middle School.” Gaub will be presented her award virtually at the 50th anniversary of the WAEA’s fall conference on October 15 and will be recognized for this honor at the October 12 school board meeting.

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