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What the Students say about Choices!

Today, at the end of each period, I asked my students what they thought of the unit so far. I told them how I am sharing this project with other teachers and that you all would love to hear what they … Continue reading

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8th Grade Photography

8th Grade Photography 8th graders picked a theme, took digital photos and then put them together in a Slide Show using Photostory 3. Many students also did some editing of thier pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Check them out on our … Continue reading

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One of my 8th graders, Megan C., (2009-2010) took a series of photographs for her final project. We talked about composition, lighting and showing emotions through imagery. Here is her FALL Series. She entered several of these in some contests. … Continue reading

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Photo Scavenger Hunt (spring)

First: Take creative and quality pictures of the following items: CLOSE-up of Yellow flower pollen CLOSE-up of a 3 leaf clover CLOSE-up of a bug Colorful SKY 3 colors in a plant/tree the color orange someone in motion (jump, run, … Continue reading

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Arcimboldo Inspired Food Man

6027 Using Photoshop Elements create at least one creative and complete Arcimboldo Inspired Food Man. Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593) was born in Milan, Italy. He created abstract portraits of people and ideas made from everyday objects. One of his best-known series portrayed … Continue reading

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