Beginning of the Year Assessment

Everyone is worried about “Learning Loss” and “The Covid-Slide”. It is a shame we are putting these labels on our kids when they have most likely learned SO MUCH in the past year!! Life skills like preparing their own food, trouble shooting technology problems, figuring out their style of time management, multi-tasking and avoiding distractions. Yet, if you are like me… your school is requiring assessment, assessment, assessment!

In the B.C. (Before Covid) times, I did a drawing pre-assessment every year. it included 4 types of drawing. draw from an object, draw from a photo, draw from imagination and draw from a sketchbook prompt. But after a discussion about how pre-tests really only reinforce negative self-talk about what kids can’t do, I decided to switch it up. Instead this year, students will pick 2 tasks to do that they already feel like they CAN do… and I have added some digital and 3D options!

Task Slide from the Show What You Know Unit

So this will be our first “Art Adventure” of the 2021-2022 school year… A bit of “Show What You Know.”

Each of the activities have “at Home” modifications as well as in classroom guidelines. Usually, for my Art Adventures, I have a rubric. But for this activity there is none. My students will simply be graded on effort and the results will help me to know my students strengths and interests. This information will allow me to better design where my future Art Adventures will lead us.

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