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Art Adventures

Online learning continues for 8 more weeks here in Washington State. Based on many great shares from the Online Art communities on Facebook I have adapted many great ideas into my next 6 great “Art Adventures” Each one will be based on one of the studio habits of the mind.

Our district also required up to put together a learning standards “Priority Snapshot”

The Priority Snapshot is purposed to guide teaching and learning through the completion of the 2019-20 school year. As recommended by OSPI, educators are now required to think about the enduring concepts of a content, without the expectation to cover an entire content or subject area as would be done when school is in session in school facilities. The Priority Snapshot outlines the priority standards and enduring concepts of a content for the completion of the school year and aligns these to district adopted instructional materials, and/or materials and resources recommended by OSPI*. The intent of this information is to provide teachers with foundations for backwards planning for instruction.

I will add to this post as I complete my units… since tons of this was borrowed from many wonderful online group contributions, keep in mind this is a shared document and should not be sold in any part or in any way. This is a generously shared group of lessons put together in a way I hope my middle school student will find engaging and useful. Clicking on the image should take you to the shared google document, which you will then need to download your own copy and adjust for your needs.

Remember… PLEASE do not use as is.. due to the fact that some of the links go to my school google drive and your students will not have access to them. Update links and text to match your school resources as necessary.