NAEA ~ WAEA Presentations

I am fortunate to have been chosen to present at many state and national conferences. I will use this page to collect all my past presentations for teachers to reference and use.

NAEA 2017- New York City

Artistic Habits Around the Room
This unit introduces students to the Studio Habits of Mind. Students use mini centers to participate in activities that allow them to explore and develop art skills and ideas.

NAEA 2014-New Orleans

2-D to 3-D Toy Story: A Multi-Age Collaboration: In this Multi-grade collaborative project, students engage in 21st century skills by creating a toy prototype from concept to creation to packaging. Options for 3-D printer or Clay.

In this cross-grade collaborative project, students engage in 21st century skills by creating a toy prototype from concept to creation to packaging. Elementary school students are tasked with creating a concept sketch of a new toy design, middle school students then take the concept drawing to the computer and using the newest 3-D imaging software design a model for the toy. This model is then 3-D printed in multiples. High School graphic design students design and create the packaging to take this new toy to market. This real world project will engage problem solving skills, use new technologies and create a community building opportunity for students.  Alternatives for using clay to create the toy prototype will be shared along with tips for using a 3-D printer with students.

Next-Generation Video Game Console Design: Engage middle school students in designing the next generation video game console. With a real world audience and integrated technology this project is a hit with boys and girls alike.

In this project, students work in groups to design the next generation video game console. Job roles are defined and students are hired to design the different components (system name & logo, controller, console, attachments, or a game cover). Students create rough drafts on paper and receive critiques from their group members. Students then create the final product on the computer using Sketch-Up and Photoshop. Lastly, students compile all components onto one visual to present the final proposal to the class. For added real world audience, proposals are displayed and voted on by other classes with awards given for highest votes in different design categories. Each student is graded upon originality, neatness, simplicity, critiques, and a written description. (Low Tech and High Tech Options discussed.) Project has very high engagement and success with middle school boys.

NAEA 2014 & WAEA 2013 San Diego “Sketch-up Galleries”

WAEA 2010- Seattle/ Tacoma (click for post with presentation resources)

Choices for Middle School Students:  Teaching for Artistic Behavior™ (TAB) is a nationally recognized choice-based approach to teaching art. TAB education regards students as artists and offers them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests.  TAB Choice supports multiple modes of learning and assessment for diverse needs. Within this pedagogy there is a continuum of choice; teachers might work from the level of full student choice or from a modified level that allows students to work towards theme related challenges. Watch interest go up and discipline issues go down as students self-direct their learning. Ms. Cynthia Gaub (2009 WAEA M.S. Teacher of the Year) has been providing a modified choice studio for 6 years. This session will cover basic studio set-up, ideas for demos and lessons, grading/assessment and meeting state standards, as well as how to manage the many different projects that occur in a studio setting.

WAEA 2009- Seattle/ Tacoma  (click for post with presentation resources)

Easy Animation with Pivot: Using a free, easy to learn program students of all grade-levels can put concepts and stories into fun animated movies. Integrate with Windows Movie Maker to make a movie with sounds, music and credits.

NAEA 2007 New York City & WAEA 2006  “Digital Collage with Photoshop”

NCCE “Podcasting in the Classroom”

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