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End of Year Choice Challenge

Choice Challenge

This year is wrapping up and what a year it has been!!! We went hybrid at the end of April. With block schedule I SEE each mini group one day a week. The periods are 95 mins which is great for kids who love art… and quite long for those who don’t. Teaching “Concurrently” to the zoomies and roomies is a frustrating challenge that I don’t like much. I ~pray~ we do not have anything like it again in the future.

Despite all that… My students are making some pretty fun work. So enjoy some art.

Students selected from 16 different project ideas and needed to complete 3 within the last 2 weeks of school. Each artwork had to be turned in with something they learned, or a new thing they tried. 8th graders were required to do a portrait. One of my district colleagues put this choice board together for all the middle school teachers to use. It gave a chance to all those who have been engaged to get those last few things done that they wish they had done and I offered bonus points to anyone who wanted to improve their grade to do extra challenges. Sadly, those kids seem to be long-gone and not taking advantage of the option.

It has been a long weird year and I am excited for the emotional break this summer and a chance to start fresh with everything in the fall.

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