Art club and ATCs

This week in artclub I brought out my binder of ATCs that I have collected over the years along with a BAG of cards that were donated to me for trading. I explained a bit about trading cards, let them look through the card collection.

I had 17 kids this week and I run the club like TAB, open studio. We have 2+ hours so most of the kids do 2 or more centers within the time period. So a few went off to the sculpture, paint and computer centers but the bulk of the kids went to collage or drawing center and got to making cards.

I traded them one of my creations and 2 of the donated cards for 1 of their cards. I thought it was a good way to get their collections going. A couple traded with each other, a couple made special boxes that they decorated to keep their collection in and a few of the kids that went to other centers were eventually drawn over to make cards too as the excitment bubbled.

There ended up being a SERIOUS amount of clean-up as the collage center seemed to have erupted. But I now have some great newbie cards added to my collection and several kids that vowed to make some more at home and bring them to trade next week.