Clay Around the Room

Today I began “Clay Around the Room,” another segment in my exploring materials units. Set up just like the other ones (sculpture, paint, collage and drawing) there is a different activity at each table. Each table has a different variety of tools and materials that are best for the type of project they are exploring. Students will have ONE (45 min) class period at each table to play with and explore those skills and tools. I previewed each of the tables quickly with basic instructions with my smaller, more advanced 7th/8th grade mixed classes. With my more beginner 6th and mixed 7/8 classes, I did a DEMO at each table today, then we copied down the vocabulary for each table. So they will get to start with the clay tomorrow. They will get to keep ONE project of the 4 wet clay activities for me to fire, IF THEY WANT. At the glaze table I have bisque fired ornaments that I pre-prepped that they can paint and keep after they get fired. I told the kids that they do not HAVE to keep any of the projects if they don’t want. They can also decide after this unit that they do not like clay and never want to use it again. OR if they love clay, they might use it for every themed project from here to the end of the year.