Dollar Store Deals

School supply shopping today I found some great deals at the dollar store. Everything I bought was actually $1 each.

Spray bottles: It is really important to have water spray bottles for the clay center. I might also use them for my liquid water colors. I only bought 3, but might go back for more.

Toothbrushes: box of 3 for $1 these are really great for scoring clay and also fun for splatter paint techniques. I bought 3 sets.

Shower Curtains: I was excited by this, but it turns out it might be a fail. I was hoping they might be a table cloth for paint and clay centers to cut down on newspaper use. But I opened one and it is both too small for my 5’x8′ tables and too thin. So I will keep looking for a vinyal tablecloth or something. Luckily it is only $2 wasted. And I imagine something can be done with them somewhere else in the art room.

Plastic food storage containers: I found some tall, clear cup like containers that I hope will work well for paint brush sorting.

Rewards: I also bought a bunch of fun and fancy pencils, sharpeners and such to give out to students in my class behavior system.

I also spent money at Lowe’s Hardware buying a peg board system to hang tools in the sculpture center.

I got some great pencil cases at Staples. Of course I couldn’t resist a bunch of other school supplies so that was not a cheap trip.

I think they finished painting my classroom, so tomorrow I get to start setting up.