“Home is Where the Heart is” 8th Grade

This is my 8th grade class that has a mix of Accelerated Gifted kids and a bunch of English Language Learners. You can tell by the writing, but not by the art! They are one of my most creative groups and I will miss them.

I got a nice mix of mediums from this group: drawing in several different mediums, clay, paint, and SketchUp.

My artwork fits the theme because there is a person surfing by himself because it is his home. Also there is a dog and you can’t bring dogs on vacation so the dog is at home like the person.


 My artwork fits the theme because the bright colors and fun designs represent me in a house.


My house fits the theme because it is in nature and I love nature. This is a tree house.


Home is hanging out with all the underwater friends around you and enjoying the beautiful breeze.


Warm houses and kids enjoying the outdoors in the summer.


My mushroom house is an inviting home for fairies. The woodsy setting makes them feel comfortable, along with the welcoming pathway and furniture. The light inside the wondows gives off an aura of warmth. That is my definition of a home.


I made this to show that there is more than one type of home by making 4 different houses and adding streets, people, cars, lampposts, yards and sidewalks.


When I think of home I think of a place where there are things I enjoy: tennis, swimming and gardening. This home has these and freindly people having a picnic.

Amy N_p4_Home