More Educator Podcasts

From 2005-2008 I taught podcasting to other teachers within and outside of my district. Unfortunately most are no longer active or available to listen to.

Podcasting Basics January Alumni

  • Matt Johnson 8th grade Block classes at Eisenhower
  • Rob Raymond Teacher Librarian at Lowell

Podcasting Basics October Alumni

  • Laura Rogers at Denney Youth Center
  • Cynthia Mcintyre at Everett High
  • Ann Stewart at Everett High teaches 10th grade English
  • Tricia Corey at North Middle
  • Ruth Winter at Denney Youth Center
  • Kathryn Christensen at North Middle
  • George Spencer at Whittier Elementary
  • John Crandall at Everett High
  • Wanda Hill at Penny Creek Elementary
  • Kari Eggink at Emerson Elementary
  • Linda Krogh At Forest View Elementary
  • Steven Till at H M  Jackson High
  • Yvonne Linnabary at Cascade High
  • John Altermott at North Middle
  • Kelly Dietsch at H M  Jackson High

Podcasting Basics August Class Participants

The following teachers attended the Podcasting class and will be making blogs with upcoming great things! So be sure to check them out and let them know you are looking forward to hearing their podcasts!

  • Melissa Webster teaches at Cascade High School,
  • Shelley Logan teaches music at Evergreen Middle School, she looks forward to recording concerts of her student performing and also record herself with practice songs that students can listen to and repeat to learn and improve their own singing.
  • Marie Smith teaches BLOCK at North Middle School and doesn’t know yet how Podcasts will make it into her classroom but is open to many ideas.
  • Sandy Bullock teaches at Silver Firs Elementary. Her classes have worked with the Everett Animal Shelter to write pet advertisements for Petfinder. She hopes to expand that with a animal oriented news show.
  • Megan Allard teaches at Madison Elementary
  • Barabra Lark is in Special Services. She is already using her blog to inform district teachers about classes that will help them in their special areas. She is interested in learning more about how podcasting can be used in fluency and as audio books for her special needs students.
  • Brenda Kelly teaches Special Ed at View Ridge Elementary. She is looking at ways to use podcasting as communication between schools in a modern version of “pen pals”
  • Linsday Mead teaches Computer Technology at Evergreen Middle School. He already does Flash, digital photography and many other cool things and is excited to add podcasting to his computer curriculum.
  • Kevin Rohrich teaches at Cascade High
  • Sandra Brodahl teaches in the Computer Lab at View Ridge Elementary. She hopes to get her students interacting with blogs, podcasts and Moodle.
  • Deborah Payne is the Librarian at Everett High. She plans to work with teachers and students to create book reviews and share creative writing.
  • Tessa O’Connor teaches at Everett High. She plans to do geography, “where in the world” and other social studies oriented podcasts.
  • Greg Schmieder teaches First Grade at Jefferson Elementary
  • Mrs. Ruddy teaches Second Grade at Hawthorne Elementary and is interested in audio books.
  • Jan Bakken works at H M Jackson High as a Special Services Facilitator and is interested in using podcasts as a resource for students with special needs.

PS Teachers… if I made any mistakes with your name/school/class or plans… please let me know and I can edit easily! Posting each others blogs and linking to each other adds to a more rich internet community.

Play It By Ear: Classmates…Schools, Blogs and Plans

  • John Arbuckle is at View Ridge Elementary working with 4/5 Highly Capable kids. He is starting with a podcast of author interviews.
  • Philip Biggs is at the District Office our technology leader who pioneers all our great ideas.
  • Lisa Foslien is at Forest View Elementaryworking with 5th grade. Working with her collegue, they did a recorded poem with lots of great sound effects.)
  • Cynthia Gaub (That’s me) North Middle School I will be working with two teachers in my building to make reading and writing oriented podcasts called “Polaris Pod Press” . I will also be working with my art class students to create the ArTechTivity Podcast.
  • Justin Haney Librarian at Jefferson Elementary  He is creating audio storybooks for listening centers in the library.
  • Stacey Hendricks at Garfield Elementary  working with Second Grade. She is working with her Garfield colleagues to create “Who are you” Interviews with students and staff.
  • Alan King at Silver Lake Elementaryworking in the Computer Lab. His school is facing reconstruction next year and so he will be doing sound scapes, interviews and construction updates. His practice podcast was geared towards adults considering technology in education.
  • Jennifra Madison at Eisenhower Middle School working in Math. She is making a podcast to play for her students on the first day. (This is a great idea so she doesn’t have to repeat herself 6 times in one day, plus kids that enroll later in the year can hear the same class introduction)
  • Laureen Miller at Penny Creek Elementaryworking with Highly Capable fourth Grade kids. She created a mock newscast and will make weekly newscasts to keep parents informed with what’s going on at school.
  • Patricia Salerno at Garfield Elementary working in the computer lab.
  • Debra Strong is at Forest View Elementary working with 5th grade. Working with Lisa, they will take on school announcements for the year and interviews around the school.
  • Ingrid Tiesler-Wood at Cascade High School teaching Spanish. She is making a podcast to play for her students on the first day to introduce them to Spanish 1, it is all IN Spanish! What a great challenge for her students.
  • Barbara Weber  at Garfield Elementary  working in the Library. She is also making audio storybooks