Moving at the Speed of Technology

I have been blogging about my classroom and lessons for 14 years now and in that time technology has changed so fast! With everything we have to do in the classroom to provide those excellent learning experiences it is hard to keep up sometimes. I had a website www.thevirtualclassroom for a long time but lost that domain a few years ago when life was overwhelming.

This is the NEW HOME for all my educational thoughts and ideas. Right now it mostly has a bunch of transferred archives with a million broken links, missing images and misfiled in the wrong categories. I continue to contemplate going back to fix all that old content, but have currently decided to focus on NEW CONTENT instead! but it is there for you to dig around in if you want. Email me if you find a post that you REALLY need the images or links fixed and I will do my best.

I also continue to play with different themes until I get the one that works just right for my needs… so if things look a little different next time you are here… what can I say I am an artist and I can be both picky and a bit mercurial when it comes to my web design.

Welcome and enjoy your visit!