NCCE Conference 2009

Well I just got back from the Northwest Council for Computers in Education conference in Portland, OR. I took the new teacher I am mentoring and the trip was sponsored by the OSPI EETT grant funds that I received this year. To start a quick list of the Sessions that I attended. MORE on these sessions to come! my reviews, my ideas for application and more links than you can shake a stick at!

Class, Bring Your Cell Phones Tomorrow: Mobile Devices & Social Networks for Learning
by Chris Haskell Special Lecture, Boise State University

One third of all teens use mobile devices daily. Repurposing these tools in unique ways connects instruction through technology and ignites social learning opportunities. This session uses mobile devices with social networking tools to stimulate social learning. Participants will create, post, and use instructional media to demonstrate classroom applications.

Creating Digital Citizens: Internet Safety for Your School
by Deb Ramsay Chief Information Officer, Educational Service District 101
and Brent Howard, Instructional Technology Specialists, ESD 101

This session will focus on understanding 21st century learners and the Internet: cyber-bullying, social networking, identity theft and other cyber crimes. Participants will receive information about starting an Internet safety program in their school and where to find free, online safety resources available to classroom teachers, students and parents.

The cognitive art of educational technology: Getting what’s on the screen into your students’ long-term memory
by Patrick Crispen Instructional Technology Coordinator, California State University, Long Beach

Can changing a few things in your PowerPoint presentations, web sites, and other technology-based teaching aids really improve your students’ performance and learning? In a word, “yep.” In this fast paced, one hour presentation we’ll discuss, in plain English, how your students process what they see on the screen and what research-based educational technology design and teaching methods either support or inhibit long-term learning.

Cell Phones in the Classroom
by Tammy Worcester Instructional Technology Specialist, ESSDACK

Instead of confiscating student’s cell phones at the door, how about taking advantage of their connective power as a tool for learning? In this session, you will learn about some great resources that will allow students to create blogs, podcasts, and photo essays and to participate in class surveys – right from their phones.

Using free online tools from Adobe to encourage student content-creation, collaboration and learning
by Patrick Crispen
In this fast-paced, one-hour workshop you’ll learn how to use Adobe’s free Buzzword, ConnectNow, and Photoshop Express in your classroom. Particular attention will be paid to showing you how to incorporate these tools into your lesson plans and how to encourage your students to use these free online tools to create new content and collaborate more effectively.

50 Teacher Tested Ideas for Aligning the New Technology Standards in the Classroom
by Maria Muzzo Educator, Pacific Lutheran University and Alan Walker

Let’s get practical and look at strategies for aligning the state technology standards in the classroom. Walk away from this action packed presentation with practical classroom ideas ready for immediate use!

Copyright and Fair Use
by Tim Chase Teacher, La Pine Middle School

You must not remain in the dark about what constitutes breach of Copyright, and yet you need not fear overstepping your Fair Use rights in the classroom. It’s all about being informed and using copyrighted materials wisely. And this session will help!