Printmaking Around the Room


I think many of you know my “Around the Room” activities. This activity is a great way to introduce new mediums in a quick round robin activity. I tend to focus on learning and using new vocabulary at the same time. But it is not well known that my first attempt at this was with Printmaking back in 2013. It was the end of the year and I needed one more fun unit to wrap things up. We didn’t ever get a chance to open the printmaking center that year, so I decided to set up each table as a different type of printmaking and have them rotate through each type. I actually have not done this unit it again since then, because I had to have all the classes in sync to do this.


I covered all the tables with butcher paper to cut down on table washing, and left all the tables set up for the whole week, all day. My classes have varied in pacing so much since that year, that I haven’t been able to repeat this set-up, but I hope to try again this year. Each table had a bin of supplies, directions and paper. You can see in the back ground we had string a paper clips all around the room to hang the small prints to dry. There were a lot of prints with 6 classes a day, with usually 30 kids per class, doing between 3-6 prints per period. Whew! and if they forgot to put their name and period on their paper before they printed… yikes!


We had rubber stamping, acrylic plate mono-printing, cardboard Collograph, object printing (like cookie cutters and stamp rollers), Styrofoam printing, stencil silk screen printing and soft cut carving. We also used the computers to go to the Andy Warhol website and use their “print making” app.

Below is some of the student work. We printed on 4×5″ paper squares and then each student made a book with all of their prints.