School for Art Leaders @ NAEA 2016

The annual NAEA convention was another enriching, empowering and exhausting week. I will process and share more of the experiences over spring break, but for now I had to share the exciting honor I recieved.

The first graduation class of SAL was honored on the big stage during one of the Super Sessions. We got a super fancy glass, engraved plaque. And for the rest of the conference I was recognized and seen as a “celebrity”! Literally, someone walked up to me and said, “you’re somebody, I saw you on the big stage.”

But more importantly is the connections and relationships I have made with the members of my cohort. So many of them were, are or will soon be leaders on thier state, regional or even the national board of directors. They will be great resources as I also move into more demanding leadership roles. Of course this is one of the main purposes of the program.

I would recommend the program for anyone in leadership or thinking about any kind of leadership roles in their future. Deadline is in April, so check it out.