Studio Challenge 2015 and the Demos


Instead of ending the semester with the studio challenge, I decided to start my 8th graders with it this year. As usual, I have a mix of ability levels. Some 8th graders have had me now for all 3 years at North, while others are taking art for the first time ever. Still others had a trimester of art back in 6th grade-but nothing since. I changed up some of the challenges from last spring, so the kids that did it that recently wouldn’t be bored with repeat challenges. We did it for a shorter period of time, so I lowered the points requirement.

For the beginner level on several centers, I made the challenge task the   “around the room” game worksheet for that center. New students were encouraged to start with that, but it wasn’t required.

I removed the Clay and Fiber centers, since I just wasn’t ready to open those centers yet. I added printmaking instead, which I never managed to open last year. This was especially exciting to the kids that did the challenge in spring.

All the daily demos related to different cells on the challenge sheet. Most of these were the full class opening 5 min demo, some were one-on-one based on interest and need.


Printmaking Demos:

  • how to reverse text for printmaking on Styrofoam
  • how to design a pattern for a 1×1 inch carved stamp to create a repeating design
  • how to create a monoprint
  • basics of rubber stamping
  • how to make a stencil

Painting Demos:

  • What is cubism and a little about Picasso’s cubism paintings
  • What is pointillism and different ways to do that with tempera
  • basic color mixing

Sculpture Demos:

  • Day of the Dead mask
  • how to use paper Mache
  • sticky meter… What glue or tape is best for different tasks

Drawing Demos:

  • one point perspective basics
  • two point perspective basics
  • shading to show depth and form on shapes


Computer Demos:

  • How to upload and reflect on Artsonia
  • how to use Pivot Stickfigure animator
  • what is tinker cad and how to locate the tutorials
  • how to download a model for 3-D printing

During the unit we also had a peer critique and talked about WOW work. You can see the results on our artsonia.