Supply Scavenger Hunt


Our first official day of ART was last Friday. I had the kids do a supply scavenger hunt. I have always done something like this, but my past hunt was more of a question answer type of thing rather than a doing type of activity. I found this new circle style on “The Bees Knees” website and adapted it to my room.

The Good: The kids got the idea quickly and seemed to like working with a partner to accomplish the task. Most of my classes are small and so most of them finished this quickly and easily. They all got to walk around and check out my centers.


The Bad: I only had 3 centers set up so in my class of 32 kids, we just couldn’t accomplish the task. Only 4 kids can really “fit” around each center at a time. So that class period will still need to finish this next week. which will be a ongoing problem with this large class.

Next Time: For sure, I want to have drawing, collage, paper, paint, printmaking and sculpture set up just enough that kids can do at least 1 thing at each center. That way they can all spread out better while doing the hunt AND can see more centers than just three centers.

Mini Lessons: Watching the groups while they worked also pointed out some mini lesson opportunities. One of my squares was “use a texture plate and a crayon to do a rubbing.”  Because I had them labelled, kids found the texture plates, but they had no idea how to use them. I ended up with crayon all over my texture plates for those that did not know how to put the paper OVER the texture plate. So this will obviously be a future mini lesson.

Want to do this in your classroom? Here are versions of my old and new scavenger hunts. 2014 supply scavenger hunt  2010scavengerhunt