Surrealism Challenge from 2010

A gallery of student work from the 2009-2010 school year.


A type of artwork that includes realistic images but makes them appear strange and dream-like.

Moods: •Mysterious •Humorous •frightening


  • Nighttime Scenes
  • Cool or Neutral Colors –Blue, green, violet –Black, Brown, White, Grey
  • Realistic Objects
  • Unrealistic placement of objects
  • Shadows
  • Use of Symbols (images that represent an idea)
  • Unreal Proportions

Long Term Project #1: Surrealism:

Definition: A style of art developed in the 1920’s that combines realistic images with dream-like ideas.

Note: Surrealism is NOT the same as Fantasy, so dragons, fairies and imaginary creatures or outer space should not be part of your images.

Resources: Read Portfolios Textbook Pages 162-165 and watch Slide Show of Surrealism Samples.

Acceptable Media: Drawings in pencil or colored pencil; magazine collage; digital collage using Adobe Photoshop; Paint (Tempera or Acrylic) and Found Object Sculpture.


  1. MUST fit the definition of Surrealism and have a story/ meaning behind the art.
  2. MUST use 2 or more techniques of surrealism (example: cool and neutral colors; out of proportion; unrealistic placement of objects; nighttime scenes.)
  3. MUST complete a rough draft and have it approved before moving on to final draft.
  4. Final Draft must represent at least 4 hours of dedicated work time.
  5. Final Draft must have a written reflection/artist’s statement attached.
  6. Must have a title that adds to the understanding of the artwork.