TAB Update: 2005-2006

CHOICE in the Middle School Classroom is going well. My classes are mixed grades 6th, 7th and 8th. You can probably sense my personal strengths in the individual projects as that is what I can be passionate about and guide them through. A sample of the activities that my students did this year include:

  • a graffiti grid drawing,
  • a self-portrait using a computer image
  • Photoshop digital projects
  • pottery, hand-building, wheel throwing or slip casting, depending on skill level and motivation.
  • printmaking with either silkscreens or soft-cut blocks.
  • video games using game maker freeware
  • web pages using straight HTML or front page
  • claymation (I got a grant) or stop-motion animation
  • I have a group of girls making a line of fashions, reworked thrift store clothes called “splatters”
  • I have a few other’s making purses, pillows or sock monsters
  • I have several kids just focusing on drawing comics or general drawing skills with a daily sketch book