TAB Storytellers

I am so excited to share that I have met a lifetime goal of being a guest on a podcast! It was a blast to chat to Abi and Jen and share my TAB story. I hope you will take a listen and comment below what you think about my story, or questions you had while listening.

TAB Storytellers Episode 3:

(podcast description) Join hosts Jen Ferrari (she/her) and Abi Paytoe Gbayee (she/her) as they have informal conversations with TAB leaders and educators, discussing topics related to the Teaching for Artistic Behavior movement in art education. Our goal with this TABcast is to hear the stories of how folx found TAB, are implementing TAB in their classrooms, and answer questions related to TAB. Also we promise to laugh at ourselves often and not take any of this too seriously, we just aren’t those people.

(Episode description) Welcome to the 3rd TAB Storytellers TABcast! Join hosts Jen Ferrari (she/her) and Abi Paytoe Gbayee (she/her) as we interview Cynthia Gaub, secondary TAB teacher from Everett, Washington. Cynthia tells us her TAB story, ways she has had to change what TAB looks like for her as she has changed classrooms, and how she developed the Around the Room game (some of us know this as boot camps).  For more information about TAB start here – and join us on MightyNetworks by requesting to join through this page For more great resources Cynthia has developed and more about how the Around the Room game looks in her context check out her amazing blog at We forgot to mention that Cynthia was also awarded the 2021 Washington Art Educator of the Year. Congratulations Cynthia!