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“Choice-based teaching and learning delivers in-depth curriculum in the context of student-centered work. An art teaching concept which allows for curriculum to be presented in-depth within the context of work chosen by student artists. Given broad responsibilities and high standards, children are able to organize their reality into vigorous images. Classrooms are arranged as studios, and the effective organization of space, time, and materials enables students to create work which is individual and compelling. Teaching for Artistic Behavior Partnership (TAB) is a nationally recognized, choice-based (studio/learning) centers approach to teaching art.” (Teaching for Artistic Behavior(TM), Inc.,  2007)

Find out more about TAB in our Yahoo Group… but the better place now is the many Facebook groups. AND if you are an NAEA member, you can join the Choice-Art Educators Special Interest Group.

Because my classes are “exploratory arts” with combination grade levels and ability levels (including ELL, SPED, Gifted and EBD in the same class) I have found that the best way to keep the kids engaged is by using a modified version of TAB. In addition to TAB, I also use a variety of guided lessons. Check out the catagory “TAB” in my blog for entries related to this teaching method.

~Update~ 2017

Since creating and implementing my skill building “Around the Room” games, doing modified choice has been going great. Every year is a little different in how I offer student direction VS teacher direction. I have been publishing more of my ideas in other venues, such as Arts and Activities, Splatter and School Arts. I am working (slowly) on a book, perhaps even a teacher workbook, of the Around the Room games. I will keep you posted!

~Update~ 2014

In the past few years I have slowly moved away from student centered, mostly because of our teacher evaluation system. After the great NAEA conference this year I am trying to move back towards student centered, modified choice for my classes.

Here are some direct links to some of my past and present TAB related posts. Or you can just search the Tags or categories on this site.

Some cool TAB Slide Shares made by other people

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