Awards Presentations @ WAEA 2014

I think this year’s state conference was one of the 2 times I have attended and NOT presented. I love presenting. It is such a rewarding thing to share my success stories and have others connect to them. Sharing helps me explore my work deeper and reflect, when attendees ask questions or share how they have done similar work. Usually I do a test run of my National presentation at the state conference. But not this year.

For this conference I was the WAEA Awards Chair, Conference Publication Editor (click for Splatter V1I1) and on the conference planning committee.


Tracy Fortune receiving Educator of the Year Photo by Willow

Back in February, I attended a board meeting and suddenly found myself the Awards Chair. So this year I was busy helping with the conference in so many ways. In addition to making the awards happen (the soliciting of nominees, the selecting of nominees and then the press releases, paperwork and ceremony for the honorees) I also ended being editor of the conference publication and helping with a new online registration system. Needless to say I didn’t have time to prep or submit a presentation. Luckily, it was no issue because the group of presenters were awesome. Again, because I was so busy, I was only able to pop into a session here and there for a little while. But what I saw, looked pretty amazing.

I did get to talk to a few people that had seen some of my past presentations. It was cool to hear how they have used my ideas in their own classrooms. One teacher shared how she still uses the Pivot Program, which I shared a good 5 years ago.

During the Keynote address... I was at the registration desk. Photo by Pamelia V.

During the Keynote address… I was at the registration desk. Photo by Pamelia V.

It was very interesting to see the conference “from the other side” for the first time. It won’t be the last though… Since I was voted in as President-elect. I will shadow the current co-presidents for the next 2 years, then take over for 2 years, and finally mentor the next president for 2 years. So I will be behind the scenes for the next 6 years. I have to admit I am pretty excited!