ArTecTivity Podcast #5

The April 2008 edition of our 8th grade Art Podcast

In this Episode:

  • Liz and Olivia share a Mock “Artist Interview” with Photographer Judy Walgren.
  • Next Olivia shares a “Famous Quote” by Michelangelo
  • In a segment called, “Take Care“, Emily and Anna tell use the proper care and cleaning for your art supplies.
  • Kaela explains the “Meaning of the Medium” of clay
  • Holli shares some funny “Art Jokes
  • Asiah tells you how to make a collage for this “How To” segment

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One comment on “ArTecTivity Podcast #5

  1. I’ve been learning about podcasting and I also teach art to grades K-8. I thought about assigned famous artists to my students and having them do the mock interviews about them on a podcast; and I see that you have done a similar thing. I really like your podcast.