Artistic Behavior Lessons: Artists Develop Art Making Skills

Next year, I am going to work on explicitly teaching for Artistic Behaviors. My students just don’t seem to get it when I talk about them and too many of them just can’t demonstrate them consistently.

Every Friday we have a shortened schedule anyways, so studio is hard to do. So that will be my behavior lesson days instead. The main format will be an entry question to set the stage, followed by a short video, discussion with short activity done in groups and then an exit type question or goal that the students will write in their journal/sketchbook. We are going to section off their sketchbook with an Artistic Behavior section called the “Artist Journal.” They will have a core-group that they will sit and work with during these lessons.

Here is a draft of the first one and I would love your feedback.

artmaking skills screen ABLesson_artmaking skills